Paper Products Industry ka Aaj aur Kal

IPMA projections hint at a 6% to 7% growth in paper consumption - har saal!

IPMA projections
IPMA projections

Paper consumption to touch 30 million tonnes - sirf 5 saal mein!

Paper Product industry ka estimated turnover Rs 70,000 crore hai!

IPMA projections

Paper industry ke iss vision ka sahara
AI-integrated tools using business intelligence techniques.

Ab sab automatic hoga!

Paper industry ki sabse badi problems

  • Purchase in sizes - sale in kilos (inventory tracking becomes difficult).
  • Sale happens at many stages - finished and semi-finished products.
  • Wastage of paper during manufacturing processes.
  • For an inventory with large volumes of material, it becomes difficult to physically differentiate types and sizes of paper reels that may appear to be the same.

All of these make manual inventory management very difficult!

WorkFridge Suite - The Solution

Use automated lead procurement with multiple unitized specifications.

Utilize easy-to-use automated GRN processes with individual invoices for products.

Job-based procurement and production process using data-driven methods.

Get automatic and real-time tracking of inventory processes.

Track sale of semi-finished and finished goods independently using business intelligence and save time on manual tracking.

QR Code assigned to paper reels to tell them apart easily for seamless inventory management.

Use efficient and data-driven waste management techniques to reduce paper wastage.

Generate managerial reports to draw important business insights.

Easily compare projects, teams, departments and even vendors.

Automate and grow your paper business - aaj se hi!